I chose this avatar because I think it represents me… because purple is one of my favorite colors and I love to wear the color purple because it kind of stands out. But my real favorite color is orange but this time I wanted to be different because most likely everyone is going to choose their favorite color and being different isn’t a bad thing to me it’s actually a good thing to be different.


All about meeee!

My name is Noah I am from Vermont. I play baseball basketball and I do Taekwondo. But on my free time I play Fortnite and trade Pokemon cards. I also love being creative and drawing. In basketball this year I made the B team in Lakers mini metro which is a great success for me as in my basketball  career.  In the NBA my  favorite team is the Celtics. In Taekwondo I am a high green belt which is in between the green and blue belts. I don’t have very many Pokemon tho because I gave them all away but know I love to trade and collect but now I only have 5 cards so its kinda hard to make to trades but I still love doing it. I do play Fortnite but I’m not very good I only have 2 wins and 5 skins I love to connect with friends on Fortnite and play games with them. I love to be creative in my drawings and have fun while drawing and I also love drawing with others.